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April 29, 2017

Time for that review I promised

Posted by iHeartLayers - August 20, 2011
I promised to tell you all how my shopping service experience worked out. So here it is! I tried 2 shopping services: Briony Buys UK and UKBrandsWorldwide.</p>

Briony Buys UK - I filled out the order form (provided on the site) asking for a quote on 2 blazers from Mango. She didn't respond in 3 days so I sent an email. She finally responded with a quote. I decided to only get one blazer and order a pair of jeans from Zara. She charges 10 GBP for each custom order but decided to only charge me once because she was also ordering from Zara. I was stalking Zara's clearance sale like mad and saw that a sold-out pair of jeans that I wanted was stocked again (in a size up). I asked Briony to add that to my order and she charged 10 GBP for the custom order again. What I really liked about Briony was her communication. It was really good. She even sent the invoices from Zara and Mango. What I didn't like was the shipping charges. I wasn't expecting to get hit with a shipping charge after paying 20 GBP and Paypal's charges. But I was okay about it and figured it couldn't be much after I already paid so much. But no, it was. 30 GBP. Translated that's 48 USD. I've bought plenty of things from the UK and the most I was ever charged was $45 from Matches Fashion for shoes that came in 2 shoe boxes (Matches box and the original shoe box). Plus she wanted another 5 GBP for herself for shipping and I had to Paypal their dues again. So I wasn't happy about that at all. I ended up paying $100 dollars over the original cost of the items. Not reasonable at all. But thank God the items were everything I wanted and more. Love all three of them dearly and have worn the 2 pairs of jeans several times already. But as far as Briony's service, I wouldn't highly recommend it.

UK Brands Worldwide - Now their communication is not as great as Briony, but I like them a lot. I filled out their order form with a blazer and jeans from Zara. I didn't have to email them in order for them to respond. They gave me only one quote, in contrast to Briony raising 2 invoices. It was 15 GBP for their shopping service, but I didn't have to pay Paypal fees twice because there was only one invoice, and the shipping was 20 GBP compared to 30 GBP. When it was all said and done I think I paid $70 over the original cost. Still not great but a bit more reasonable. I would recommend them more so than Briony, but let's just say that I'm looking forward to Zara US shopping site going live in a few weeks. In the meantime, I just ordered from UK Brands Worldwide again for some H&M items.

<p>That's my review of shopping services from the UK. Now can we get some from some other countries, please?

Some in case you missed it moments in fashion...

Posted by iHeartLayers - July 29, 2011

<center>I was about to gush about us being a month out from go-live of Zara's US shopping site but then I realized I hadn't mentioned it yet. So there's moment number 1.

#1. Stop drooling on the computer screen. You can order all the Zara you want on September 7th.

Moment number 2. Zara's sister shops Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius, and Uterqüe also go live September 6th for parts of Europe. Let's hope the UK made the cut, If you're outside of Europe, why does this matter to you? I'll get to that in a second.

#2. Not only is Zara coming, she's bringing all of her fashionable friends too.

Moment number 3. By now you should have heard of H&M and Versace. If you haven't, I don't know where you've been but make sure you're back by November.

#3. Versace for H&M drops November 17. Hopefully you're not tired of cutouts yet.

H&M not to be outdone by Zara (but was) will go live with their US shopping site next year.

#4. But wait! H&M is still leading us on. What a tease.

#4 and 1/2. Because H&M didn't do anything worth a full moment. I'm trying out a couple of UK shopping services. In other words, they buy what I want from say Zara (I'm sorry September just wasn't working for me) and send it to me. If I ever get my items I'll give a review on it. If this endeavor works, I think we're one step closer to having access to Europe's awesome shopping.

<p>And there's your in case you missed it moments in fashion.</center>

For the fellas

Posted by iHeartLayers - July 29, 2011

I didn't see this one coming. David Beckham is the newest collaborator for H&M. Read more on Vogue UK.

Fashion Inspiration

Posted by iHeartLayers - July 9, 2011
Today's inspiration is Angelica Blick from angelicablick.se. Who needs a shirt to get the low-cut V? Angelica shows us that a blazer will work just fine.


Free People July 2011

Posted by iHeartLayers - July 1, 2011
<center>Why are Free People's catalogs always so awesome?</p>

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